The eccentric ex chairman of manufacturing giant visited China for Tesla’s Chinese site’s ground-breaking.

This is going to be Tesla first large scale site outside the US. The decision to expand in Asia’s economic superpower is a no-brainer. The company is widely polarizing just like it’s Chairman with an equal amount of critics as well as supporters. Not that the former have put any halt to the optimistic operations and visions of Tesla. Musk has commented on the latest Gigafactory 3 in China saying that the company aims to take full advantage of country’s ambitious economic plans and in return participate in its market sector.


Elon is Impressed!

Musk is positively impressed with country’s development and efficiency of infrastructure and openly commented on it. According to him, the company aims to make the Chinese site into the most ingenious factory in the world. Musk has already set plans into play to achieve aggressive goals as he wants to make sure that the factory starts producing results by year’s end. The expected numbers quoted are at least 500,000 cars produced each year with a cost of nearly $2 billion.

The Chinese premier Le Keqiang offered Tesla’s ex-CEO with a Green Card when the latter mentioned that he loves coming to China. The premier Li thinks that Tesla’s new site in China can help prove to be fruitful for U.S.-China relationship. China has long since has had a history of innovative manufacturing power. Once the Chinese expertise align with Tesla’s innovation, the critics are saying that the figures will rise to an unexpected number.

Musk mentioned that Gigafactory 3 will be the most advanced site not only under Tesla but worldwide. He says that not only he is planning on improving the infrastructure and operations but also the quality of cars by adding new features. The Chinese premier said that Musk reminds of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs because they both have similar ideas of advanced technology, and improving current technology.

China is smitten with Tesla

The meeting between the two was held in Tower of Violet Light in Beijing which is usually reserved for country’s most distinguished guests. This shows the importance the meeting held for both diplomatic and business relations between China and US. China has been long since pursuing renewable energy in order to enhance its infrastructure. The current talks with Tesla are towards a better future.

The talks between Chinese officials and Tesla’s representatives ended on a positive note. This has set things in motion prior to the meeting between China and U.S. president Donald Trump. The two head will meet later this month and during Economic Forum’s sitting in Switzerland. As a consequent result of the Musk-Keqiang meeting; the US media has started taking a positive stance over Tesla’s boss.

Elon Musk is definitely world’s most talked about innovator in the current age and China’s warm welcome to Tesla begs the question that how long will it be before other superpowers of the world will turn towards the evolving nature of alternate energy use in manufacturing.

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