– Moveover Kylie! There’s another egg in the basket now.

From chicken nuggets to an egg – a brown speckled egg, not boiled, fried, or scrambled. Just a plain ol’ egg.

But the egg is a bit egg-straordinary and a bit egg-stra special. (In case you didn’t get it, I’m going to try very hard with the egg puns)

So where were we? Oh yeah, in a series of flabbergasting events which started 2019, there is another addition. Instagram, the social image sharing application has a new world record of “most liked post”.

Previously, the record was held by beauty businesswoman Kylie Jenner with a record of 18 million likes on her family picture. In a no nonsense turn of events has changed it. Now, the most liked post on Instagram is of an “egg”.

Yes, an egg. A very very normal egg. (Well as normal an egg, which is instagram famous)

As of now with nearly over 23 million likes, the egg has become an internet spectacle. Everyone including their parents, grandparents and George R. R. Martin has commented on it.

While others weighed in too:


Why this happened? Who did this? What do they want? Let’s get cracking!


Since the Internet is a bizarre, bizarre place that’s why no one can say what it really means. The power of internet cannot be questioned. Many wants to know how Kylie took this news. In a hilarious response she posted a short video on Instagram where she is seen to crack an egg on a hot LA sidepath.


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Take that little egg

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The internet marketers have complemented the viral tacting. According to them, viral marketing is definitely not meant to reach a goal but rather just to create enough noise so everyone talks about it. In an interview with the Telegraph, the anonymous personality behind it said, “I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and beat the record with something as basic as possible, which led to me deciding on the egg.”

Some speculate that the person behind is the internet famous personality Supreme Patty. But according to an tip and influencer’s rep that’s not true.


One thing is for certain that we are at the start to an egg-cellent year! (Swear, this is the last one)


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