Previously, when time tracking tools didn’t exist, an employer had to walk into an employee’s cabin and get to see their progress. Or if needed could listen to their grievances face to face. 

In this age of multinational companies when a head office might be located in New York with employees all over the world. It’s virtually impossible to manually supervise the entire workforce.  

Bridging time and space 

It’s particularly true for organizations with global networks that they can’t function as smoothly as they can with a time tracking tool. For instance, if an editor of New York times has to give instructions for a journalist working in some remote Middle Eastern battlefield what will he do? In an emergency situation like war, a journalist might not have time to read a lengthy email with instructions, a voice clip will perform the deed. Similarly, an Airbnb representative at the head office can listen to a client’s complaint and connect with the host to fix the problem. It has never been as convenient before. 


Integrations are one breakthrough feature of the time tracking system. Many such apps offer integrated software that can organize video conferencing or messaging app to connect with colleagues and seniors. These integrations go hand in hand with time trackers. 

No communication gap between an employer and an employee

An employee might be facing a complexity at work or being given a hard time by a co-worker, but unable to contact an employer. Either an employer is too busy to find time for him. Or he might lack the confidence to interact with him face to face. A quick message to him or to a senior via an integrated software will help ease the trouble. 

Modern time tracking eliminating micromanagement

You need to take your entire team on board while working on a project. But making individual calls and writing emails separately is a mess. So why not make a conference call? Integrated features in the software shall help you organize a video conference with all your team members. Suppose one team lead is sitting in Dubai, one is in Singapore but the head sits in London. Then you have to make them all negotiate the project assigned. Is there a way out except this one? 

Some will argue for skype or WhatsApp as an alternate. But neither their video or conference calls are designed to help businesses grow nor keep track of your business meetings. As they are highly personalized social networking apps not built to keep track of official work. 


With rapidly growing businesses and organizations, it increasingly challenging to maintain transparency in work relations. An employee might claim one thing but do another. A time tracker will help you make sure if he is being honest enough. In formal relations such as work, overall integrity like that of personal life doesn’t count. What employer needs to make sure is if he executed assigned tasks with integrity? Then the employee monitoring software shall help you ascertain if that was the case. Monitoring of time taken on a single task, reaching the desired target in the assigned time frame, and comparison of performance in comparison to the rest of the staff can be all done with using a single app. Also if a problem arises between employees it’s always easier to detect who was at fault. 

Another feature of transparent dealing in the workplace is feedback. No need to get lengthy surveys filled by employees, but a quick voice clip will suffice. If its really large setup and so many voice clips shall make things confusing then a team lead of every department can collect feedback through an integrated messaging app. 

No hassle in monitoring freelance team

If your work is all about freelancing, and you have to manage team members sitting far apart. No worries, the best time tracker shall rectify the problem. Regardless of time and space differences, it would be convenient in an unprecedented manner to manage remote teams. Back then, an employer could never find out if a task is being carried out on assigned time? Or which freelancer is efficient than another?  And could perform the workload for two thus saving money. 

Also communicating with employees to coordinate team projects would be at the fingertips. Being remote is no more a concern. 

The communication gap used to be one detrimental factor for any business setup but modern technology has made things easier in a revolutionary manner. Communication is key to success and time monitoring software is the best available tool for communication. 


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