With the advent of advanced technology, staff time tracking has been made easier than before. Although there are numerous advantages to this technology, here we will discuss the most crucial. Procrastinators can always differ. 

Maximizing profitability 

When work is accurately tracked, there is a minimal chance that financial losses will occur. One can have a clear assessment of how much manpower is needed and how much is an additional burden. Previously, companies used manually made worksheets for analyzing finances. That was quite bothersome. It was almost impossible to ensure if it’s free of error. Because nobody could figure out exactly, how much time certain project demands, How much manpower is needed?  Project time tracking has helped businesses save those heavy losses as used to incur in the past.

Billing the employees is no more a burden on pocket, in case if an employee was squandering office hours somewhere else. Employers are always aware of the input received from their workforce, both full time and freelance. Wastage of working hours used to be a common practice. It heavily costed companies by paying for the hours that were spent in fun, or personal stuff. Moreover, freelancers can always be hired at lesser costs with proper supervision available.

Minimum input, maximum output

Physical supervision is least required in the presence of task time tracker. Employers always know which tasks can be done quickly, and which ones require time. They also get to know their most productive, and hard-working employees. Therefore they can always strive to retain them while letting go of burdensome workforce. Employers can always allocate work accordingly. They don’t have to probe through the lengthy and manual worksheets and check their attendance or performance. Even in the case of remote employees, the boss can always have direct involvement with their employees. 

Easy Budgeting

 Automated timesheets can save the hassle of inaccurate budgeting. You might need less workforce whereas you were spending more on unnecessary hirings. Therefore negatively affecting your cost-benefit analysis. Even HR management has become a lot easier. Employee time tracking software keeps track of staff’s leaves, salaries, attendance, and performance.

Enhancing Freelance Opportunities 

Not everyone is made for fulltime work. Some habitual travelers, housewives, or university students might prefer remote work. It’s not limited to these types, some are inherently programmed towards flexible working hours. In the past employers lost many workers, who were talented than the ones they hired. The only thing was that they weren’t willing to work at the desk. But time recording software has solved this problem by ensuring transparency for both employers and employees involved in remote working. It has generated employment for capable individuals throughout the world, without incurring a loss to either party involved. Freelancing was never as relaxed and stress-free as now. Work as it suits your routine.

Improving Customer Services

Whenever we make a call to some company’s or even a government institution’s helpline, we often hear a recorded message. It says that ‘’your call is being recorded for quality assurance’’. That’s also a part of employee monitoring to develop ratings for customer service representatives. Besides it also makes sure if they are delivering their output to clients, and even that correctly? Without customer services support many of us might get bewildered on a solution to many issues at hand. For instance, if we were deducted unjustly from our mobile credit and had to place a call to our mobile company. Similarly, if we lost the contact of a dear friend and want to inquire about it from a telecommunication company. The list is endless. Without proper monitoring, many of these companies and their customer services can fail to deliver.

Avoiding theft and cheating retail sector

There had been a frequently heard problem in places like shopping malls, restaurants, beauty parlors, or cafes that was theft. Since the arrival of surveillance cameras and staff monitoring, it became a lot easier to detect anyone stealing. This surveillance didn’t only help to monitor employees but also some suspicious clients especially in brand stores and shopping malls. Many companies give their anecdotal evidence of saving thousands of dollars per year from loss in the theft. All thanks to strict vigilance. 


Some people seem to argue that strict monitoring has put off some employees. Usually, such arguments are given by those who were happy with their old procrastinating habits and always looked for loopholes. Anyone with integrity and desire to be judged accurately based on performance shall be happy with such innovative technology. It hasn’t only helped employers but employees as well. They are being rewarded as per their aspirations if they delivered on work. Regardless of all the excuses staff monitoring outweighs the benefits to harms. 


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