Apple revealed it top downloaded mobile apps of 2018 – unsurprisingly social media apps dominated the list.

Youtube topped beating out the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. It has previously held the spot of being on #3 in 2017 staying behind Bitmoji and Snapchat.

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The new top 20 free mobile apps are:

#1 YouTube:

Youtube saw a stark difference in the figures as opposed to old numbers. Previously, social media applications enjoyed top spots but Youtube has recently introduced Youtube Stories, in-app image and post sharing which has increased the user engagement. Despite legal suits and mounting criticism by video creators, the app is still climbing heights.

#2 Instagram:

2018 has been a great year for Instagram. Bloggers and beauty gurus played a huge role in increasing demand for the photo sharing application. Instagram has also successfully implemented a “Facebook Level” advertisement service.

#3 Snapchat:

After the new UI format was launched by Snapchat, many considered it to be end of the booming social networking app however the app proved it wrong.

#4 Messenger
#5 Facebook
#6 Bitmoji
#7 Netflix
#8 Google Maps
#9 Gmail
#10 Spotify Music
#11 Amazon
#12 Uber
#13 WhatsApp Messenger
#14 Pandora
#15 Wish
#16 TikTok
#17 Cash App
#18 Google Photos
#19 Google Chrome
#20 Twitter

Youtube taking the first position as opposed to Instagram or Snapchat definitely is notable. Considering the fact that the other application allow to socially network, easily create content and share it, Youtube largely remains a “viewer platform”.

Amid the privacy concerns and data breaches it is no surprise that Facebook did not make it to the top spot. TikTok, the most controversial and commercially successful app in recent time mostly got its view owing to the hype created. Now there’s no surprise why it made to the list.

Apple also published another list which disclosed the top 20 downloaded mobile games from app store. Unsurprisingly, the top spot was taken by none other than Fortnite.

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