Alleged images of Samsung Galaxy S10 concept smartphone leaked last week show a built-in app for Ethereum based Crypto Wallet.

Ben Gesking who goes by the handle of @VenyaGeskin1 is known for leaking concept images for upcoming gadgets and smartphones. He recently shared 3 images on Twitter which appear to show a cold wallet app in the upcoming S10. The app is named “Samsung Blockchain Keystore”. It gives the option to either import an existing wallet or create a new one. With this option, new users who haven’t yet explored cryptocurrency will be able to join the hubbub.

The application comes with storage of both public and private keys to execute the transactions. It allows users to control the wallets right from their smartphones. In addition to a cold crypto-wallet it also gives cold-wallet features to view transactions history and transfers.

There hasn’t been any confirmation from Samsung that how much of this is true. But its safe to say that the expected “iPhone Killer” is not holding anything back. If Samsung really pushes this feature live then it will open up a window of opportunities for both users and crypto-currency itself. The tech giant is a worldwide phenomenon and has amassed a following of millions worldwide. Everyone from elders to adults and teens are using a Samsung.

Opening Gates to a New World

The concept of crypto assets is relatively new and restricted to a certain audience. But with the new Samsung feature it will become easily accessible and relatively user friendly. Not only this but Samsung is an industry leader. It is safe to say that once a mobile crypto-wallet is launched by such a big company, there will surely be a lot of other companies which will follow suit.

This news just comes in months after rumours that Samsung is seeking UK market regulations for ethereum. According to the leaked images, Ethereum is a supported cryptocurrency. Previously, Samsung was alleged to have filed patents concerning cold wallet storage and crypto mobile applications.

Although, HTC has already introduced a crypto wallet feature but evidently its nowhere near to the hype that Samsung holds.

Samsung right now hold 30.63% share of market cap in the smartphone industry which is closely followed by Apple with 21.98%.

The next Galaxy phone is will expectedly hit the market in May, this year.

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