Didi Taihuttu – A Dutch Businessman and father of three sold everything he owned and poured everything into purchasing BTC.


In 2017, the family chose to bet everything on the boom of cryptocurrency. WSJ’s Thomas Di Fonzo made a 10 minutes documentary on the family and published it on Youtube, following their journey of pursuing their dreams. The ex-businessman has a bitcoin symbol tattooed to his foreman. Upon asking what it means for him, he said that it means freedom because he is not part of the system anymore.


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The family’s twitter account’s bio says. “The Bitcoin Family: We sold everything to live our dream.”


Currently, the family of five reside in a trailer and have been officially termed as “homeless people”. The children are currently not enrolled in any school. Taihuttu claims that schools teach conventional knowledge and information of the past. He believes in a new form of knowledge which is decentralised and seeks the foundation of the future.


Taihuttu first started investing in Bitcoin when its worth was $1,000 and continued to do so till November 2017 when it reached its peak of $9,000. After that he started selling his ownerships to invest further in crypto. The ex-businessman used to teach computer courses in private schools. While doing so he said he realised that it wasn’t his life’s purpose. After experiencing the rush of BTC, Taihuttu decided to reduce his family’s overall consumption and costs. They moved out from their house and moved to a trailer park.


According to Taihuttu, there are many, what he term as “shitcoins” being offered in the market in name of cryptocurrency. The presence of these only signifies the importance of Bitcoin. Since his decision to go “all-in” when it comes to Bitcoin investment, the family has been seen on numerous shows and podcast discussing their vision.

Taihuttu claims that a decentralised future is what growth is about. He wants to be a part of the world which is not materialistic but rather minimalist.  


As of today, Taihuttu has lost 60% of his investment made in Bitcoin but he continues to believe in the cryptocurrency boom. As a child he was traumatised by his father’s death who died early. Didi thinks of it as a “waste of good life” because his father never got to enjoy life as it is.


“The Bitcoin Family”, has become a real phenomenon. They are travelling around Europe, with nothing to their name and living in a trailer park. The family aims to explore all countries where Bitcoin is an accepted form of currency. The family is every bit of a crypto enthusiast as it was an year ago. Taihuttu never said that he wanted to become a millionaire. His goal was never money but to rather live in a world which is decentralised.


As Bitcoin is an all time right now, it is yet to see how the story of Didi Taihuttu will unfold. Will he go back to the old times, or continue to achieve his decentralised dream?

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