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Why Biometrics will take over the Aviation Industry in 2019

Atlanta Airport opens World’s first complete Biometrics Terminal. Tired of hour longs custom lines, baggage claims, and the security checks? Imagine you just had to...

“Minority Report” like Technology will soon be a reality

Is the Tom Cruise starrer science fiction coming to real life? Companies are attempting to develop technology like AI powered humanoid bots and infrastructure...

IBM wants to “improve” Facial Recognition Technology

According to a research conducted by IBM, in order to train Facial Recognition Systems, the data need to be trained with even more diversity. The...

Taylor Swift concert’s Facial Recognition causes an uproar

The latest Los Angeles concert of Taylor Swift reportedly had a ‘Sci-Fi’ affair going on. The 5 time Grammy winner Taylor Swift's security team made...

1 year in: Will Net Neutrality make a comeback?

In the last year you may have heard the term Net Neutrality thrown here and there coupled with a few memes of Ajit Pai....

WhatsApp is rolling out Biometric Authentication

The biometrics technology has caused a disruption in the market. With every passing day the world is experiencing a new way of life. Technology is...

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 show a built-in Cold Crypto Wallet

Alleged images of Samsung Galaxy S10 concept smartphone leaked last week show a built-in app for Ethereum based Crypto Wallet. New #GalaxyS10 live images leak...

An Egg has beaten Kylie Jenner on Instagram

- Moveover Kylie! There's another egg in the basket now. From chicken nuggets to an egg - a brown speckled egg, not boiled, fried, or...

The dark reality of Facebook’s #10YearChallenge

So you must be seeing the viral “10 Year Challenge” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Celebrities, friends, acquaintances are sharing a side by side...

Studies suggest Social Media Addiction equal to Drug Addiction

A common trait associated to compulsive gamblers or drug addicts, is being bad at decision making, though what about the ones who has an...