Modern time tracking programs have helped in boosting freelance work. Freelancing has become an ever-increasing phenomenon these days. Previously, it was perceived that freelancers are those job seekers who failed to find a full-time job. But in the age of globalisation, such perceptions are rapidly evolving. Many prefer freelance work due to personal reasons. It can be either family or personal preferences like flexibility, or multitasking.

Let’s discuss how time employee time tracking software has helped freelancers to progress in their work aspirations.

1. Promotes Work/Life balance

A freelancer can be anyone. It can be, a Stay-home mom or a college-goer in dire need of funds. They have numerous other tasks to execute. Time monitoring technology can help them stay organised, and away from procrastinating. Observing manually, and aiming to stay committed can’t ensure professionalism. 

  1. Money Matters

Keeping a track of billable, and non-billable hours can help both – the employer and the employee. As a freelancer, you can always organize your working hours as per your convenience. But monitoring it through an advanced software can set you free from worries of keeping a record of the time you dedicated. No need to fret upon the idea of unjust payments.

  1. You choose the device 

Not everyone is fond of working at desktops. Some are more inclined to portable devices like mobile phones, and tab. A time tracker can be installed in whichever device you choose to use. 

It can be possible that you might be vacationing, or just a born voyager. While traveling you need to meet your work deadline. When such a situation arises, these systems intervene as saviours. 

  1. Multitasking: not challenging anymore

It is possible that you already hold a job but your passion was in writing. But it’s not possible to switch jobs at this stage of career, yet you want to write. These apps can help you achieve your goal. You can always monitor your performance at both jobs by keeping set standards. For instance, if your target is not to spend more than four hours in a single day on freelancing, reliable software can keep you on track.  

  1. Professional under scrutiny

Some people have the knack to work professionally only when supervised. Being aware that your employer isn’t negligent of you can make you even more observant. The work time tracker is a constant reminder that you are being constantly watched. It might be terrifying for the lazy folks but a performance booster for a responsible one. 

  1. Daily work video, and screenshots

You can always overview your work report daily to ensure if you are meeting your set goals. Not only yours but if your work is proceeding as per standards set by your employer. It’s the best tool for self-accountability as designed by modern technology. 

If you don’t like a screenshot you can always delete it provided you make up for the lost minute.

  1. Managing a real-time connection

Nowadays, neither a freelancer nor the employer needs to worry about the lack of direct connectivity. Many software programs provide you with the option of conference calls and video monitoring through webcam.

  1. Viable chances of progress

Career advancement for freelancers was never as convenient as it has become with time tracking programs. Your employer always knows who is performing better, and deserves more incentives or rewards. Back then it was only a full-time job at the desk within the reach of an employer which could ensure advancement. Now, these phenomena are transformed. You don’t have to worry if you are lagging behind in spite of all your hard labor. 

  1. Handling multiple projects

If you are assigned with multiple tasks and have a problem of a short timespan of attention. Like when you don’t feel like concentrating on the same task for longer and want to switch between. Or even if you have a single project to handle but need a break to relax. Project Time tracking can help you monitor how much time have you spent. Also, you can always pause it to take a break.

  1. Maintaining Freedom

Since the freelancers are never bound by contract,  and many cherish the fact. But there is a disadvantage, they can’t legally ensure the protection of their work rights and wages. Employee Time tracking software can guarantee secured records of your work, and the time you spent. Gone are the days, when a freelancer felt insecure. Sometimes of being fired in mid of the project, or losing the right to claim payments. 


Be it a workforce in a full-time job, or freelancers, a sense of security is what boosts productivity. Without it, many will lose motivation and consistency. With the introduction of time tracking programs, feeling insecure, and stressed is the matter of the past.

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