Staff time monitoring software is not all about cameras, and screenshots. Not everyone is fond of writing lengthy narratives explaining their work expectations. Whereas communicating face to face might hinder the tasks and progress of both. 

An employee leaving their seat for a meeting with the employer just for the sake of  feedback or task assignment can often lead to too much time spent with no concrete results.Not only that,  elaborating the task to freelancers have become even greater a challenge. 

But the employee monitoring system has come up with a solution to that. You can always send voice clips!

Giving your productivity a boost

As long as the employees don’t have a clear idea of what they are supposed to do, quality shall always remain subpar. Written instructions are never sufficient, and more time-consuming. It takes a lot more energy and brainstorming to define a task by writing than orally speaking. 

Voice clips are less time consuming, and apps like Stafftimerapp gives an unlimited time to define your task. On the contrary, some mobile apps give limited time to deliver a message. It can be as limited as seven seconds. So think before you choose. Opting for the right product save from regret later on.  

Helping you manage your remote team

Teams are global. How will one define tasks in the most articulated manner of writing? You want to be more elaborative for tasks involving personal emotions, no written words can capture that. Even if it’s not personal, some aren’t good at writing. They can only define things verbally. 

Therefore, it might be the most convenient way of communicating when an employee isn’t even in reachable access. You can’t call them to the office, there are only two ways of communication either written or verbal. The later one is feasible for most.

Giving Clear & precise feedback

Once the work is done, the employer might feel an urge to communicate their approval or disapproval. It can simply be some comments of appreciation, or criticism for improvement. Even employees deserve to be appreciated and encouraged when a task is executed as expected. It encourages them to further diligence. 

An employer shall feel more inclined to deliver feedback once they feel it can be done conveniently. Writing a lengthy speech in the commendation or criticism of someone might not be everyone’s choice. 

Yes, in the form of full time or at the desk job, feedback can be given verbally on the face. But in the form of criticism, it can demoralize some, and adversely affect their self-esteem. So the voice clips remain the wisest choice in that scenario. You don’t have to look into someone’s embarrassed expressions. It’s unethical too. Especially when technology has given you alternates. 

Time is golden, Save it!

Some inherently speak faster than they write. So voice clips can be great time savers if you want your task completed on time. You can supervise things being done, or progressed via employee tracking software. As a result, you can keep giving feedback, any additional info, or comments over the work being done. 

Also how the rest of it is supposed to be carried out. Constant guidance through voice clips can significantly help, and reduce the time and cost associated with the project. In a fast-paced world, who doesn’t want to save time? As much as it delays, you have to pay more for the time spent by an employee for a single task. 

An employee monitoring software is something you won’t like to miss. 


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