The biometrics technology has caused a disruption in the market.

With every passing day the world is experiencing a new way of life. Technology is evolving so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Scientists and tech enthusiasts have adopted newer methodologies to improve infrastructures and consequently the human experiences. We are reliant on products, applications and automated commodities in daily life. 

Although this is a good sign of moving forward, it also means that the human element has reduced. This brings with itself a lot of loopholes in current tech which now is being addressed with the help of biometrics.

WhatsApp Joins the Race

WhatsApp will soon introduce biometric authentication in order to unlock the app or access certain data in it. The official announcement came just days ago. As of the now beta version of the app including fingerprint authentication technology has already been introduced but WhatsApp aims to launch it for all of its users. Although, studies claim that it is entirely easy to cheat it. That coupled with the fact that Facebook has had its share of data breach controversies, trusting the company with biometric information may not be the best decision to make. While WhatsApp has a strong track record when it comes to regulations but its parent company does not have the same clean slate.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is resorting to use biometric technology in order to sift through the enormous pile of video footage recorded during investigations, raids and hidden cameras. The FBI will be using Amazon’s Rekognition while piloting. The administration aims to reduce the manual labour involved in the surveillance process and instead use recognition technology to detect threat. This will make processes more efficient.

Biometrics Innovation

Recently, Innovative Technology, has launched a new product which works on an AI level that detects certain markers and elements on a human face in order to verify age. With the help of this device retailers can effectively ensure legality. They can restrict the provision of certain prohibited medical drugs, or alcohol. Owners can control access to certain casinos, bars and such, in order to comply with the age restrictions in place. The device uses 3D images in order to verify face hence it is completely secure from spoof attacks. By automating otherwise manual process of verifying age the possibilities are numerous. The application has also extended to sensitive industries like defence, banking, and tourism.

Remember the 8 year old boy who drove his parents’ care with his 4 years old sister to get a cheeseburger? Turns out that automotive industry may have a use of biometrics to help secure cars against unverified access requests. With the help of iris or thumb recognition the manufacturers are working to allow owner to unlock cars with biometrics. Access levels are introduced so in case you want to register someone as a user, system will record their biometrics.

A well-designed, logical and self-learning biometrics infrastructure will drastically change the pace of daily life.

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