When Apple released its iPhone X a year ago, one of their most talked about feature wat its facial ID, which eliminated the need of using a password or pressing the home key – as the phone could now simply be unlocked with the user’s face. This was one of the very first times when facial recognition was seen to be used practically. The technology has however spread so much that we unknowingly use many things around us which use the facial recognition technology – things as simple as Instagram and Snapchat filters as well!

The technology is becoming a very handy reality now which is now being incorporated in many consumer devices. Now almost every great player in the smartphone industry is inculcating the feature in some form, and companies are even plunging it for ideas from retail to policing.

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Facial recognition’s most wide field of use – security is being transformed with its use as it is doing wonders. The tech is bringing the employee and consumer experience to reformed heights!

  • Advertising: The marketing industry finds the technology a great potential element to be amalgamated in strategies for personalized marketing. Companies are deploying facial recognition screen which help target and personalize the experience of a customer by guessing their gender and age for personalized adverts.
  • Preventing retail crime: The technology is being used for recognizing registered/known muggers and pickpockets once they enter a store. The pictures if these criminals can be matched to a database which can prevent loss and ensure security. Where implemented, it is already reducing the crime rate drastically.
  • Help the missing: Facial recognition is the perfect instrument to use for finding missing persons. Those added to the database can be recognized instantaneously and the local police can be inform immediately. Companies also use facial recognition to assist the blind seek for social prompts like smiling, etc.
  • Mobile Phones: As mentioned earlier, many latest mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 have added the facial recognition feature to unlock the phones. One is freed from all worries in case their phone gets lost or stolen, as none can steal the password and enter in to the phone.
  • Social Media: When uploading a picture, Facebook recignizes the people present in a picture, all thanks to facial recognition software!
  • Helping impaired: An app has been developed by Listerine few years back which helped the blind realize when they were being smiled at. When someone around them smiles, the app detects it and makes the phone vibrate. This is one of the most emotional and best uses of the technology so far!

Facial recognition is here, and may stay for longer than we think it too. The future with this technology is definitely here! Having so many beneficial uses hidden in it the tech has some great opportunity to thrive its growth and it can be easily seen that the feature is improving the lives. However many obstacles remain standing and must be worked out on  before embracing it entirely.

Facial recognition is coming and it may not be far off. With its many uses and potential opportunity, there’s a lot of growth coming. It’s easy to see how convenient this technology will make our lives, but before we can embrace it fully companies will have to overcome the obstacles in the way.

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