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6 WTF moments from Tech World 2018

2018 has been arguably the most fascinating for tech space. Ranging from Senate hearings (yes, I went there!) to Tesla’s instant fall in stocks...

Crypto with a touch of Narcos: ESCOBAR token announced

The site www.escobartrump.com claims to announce new token sale to support the “Impeach Trump” cause. Roberto, the brother of deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar, claimed...

Blockchain Technology will Disrupt eCommerce Platform

As the digital world is rapidly moving from traditional payment and onboarding process towards a distributed and real-time one, there is a greater demand...

Netflix of Sports maybe coming to an end

Just four months in but the OOTP service may be facing closure for its UK operations after it failed to sign an exclusive rights...

20 Most Downloaded iOS Apps of 2018

Apple revealed it top downloaded mobile apps of 2018 - unsurprisingly social media apps dominated the list. Youtube topped beating out the likes of Facebook,...

Is that Obama calling Trump a dipsh*t?

No it’s not. Artificial Intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace. While it’s fascinating, it also brings with itself threats of varying degree to data...
Biometrics Trends

5 Biometrics Trends that will conquer 2019

India houses the most ambitious biometrics databases to date. Biometrics are characteristics which “identify”, or “establish” an individual's identity. The concept of Biometrics is age...

7 Jaw Dropping Technology Breakthroughs in 2018

There is no denying the fact that the world we are living in today is the sort of “digital future” in the movies and...